Iwritewhatyoufeel was found by Mr Anubhav Agarwal in 2016 with a vision to create an impact in the lives of people by sharing his insights, experiences and lessons gained throughout his fight against depression. Since the last 4 years, he has successfully gained an audience who looks forward to his work and has established a connection with him. Anubhav’s content is highly relatable as he talks about friendships, relationships, heartbreak and many other aspects which are a part and parcel of our everyday life.


is an inevitable truth which provides comfort and hopes just like his poetry to people. Here’s your chance to get in touch with your favourite poet. This website is another medium through which he can connect to his audience and also discuss issues related to the individual’s growth, self-improvement, friendships, relationships, dealing with depression etc. You can be a part of an individual as well as a couple chat with Mr. Anubhav. To deal with day to day conflicts when you are in a relationship you need to remind yourself that “You will still choose that person even after knowing their imperfections. That’s pure love nothing else.” to nurture your relationship.

The website also contains blogs related to self-improvement, friendship, relationship, life etc. Read these blogs to see a positive impact on your life. They help you deal with life more clearly.
Soon Anubhav is also launching his debut novel.
This journey has been full of surprises and here’s another one.

Mr. Anubhav

is one of the most loved writers of Instagram. He is the first one to launch his own merchandise. It aims to spread positivity and let people wear their favourite quotes. We are extremely excited to bring forth this merchandise. Words are a form of expression, so why not let them do that in the form of some cool captions on your Apparels. We ensure good quality products with a wide variety. This merchandise is a way to thank the supporters and a token of love. Follow us on all our social media handles and also stay tuned.

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